About us

Muradli- M LLC for the first time served as a wholesale sales center of construction materials to its clients through Muradli Construction Materials Store since Azerbaijan Republic gained its independency.
Since the collapse of Soviet sprint from Azerbaijan and as a strengthening of its independency to the thanks to internal and foreign policy of our National Leader Heydar Aliyev Muradli Construction started the production under the brand of Panda paints by performing of necessity to nation and state. The paint is a color, colorfulness, the paint is being unlike.

The composition of the product produced by them takes in a quality premium by using chemical raw materials of the most leading countries abd companies (USA, Germany, France, İtaly, Brazil, Turkey, Russian and other).
They had a role in transparency of country economics by gaining respect of customers. Muradli-M LLC in addition to paint is a manufacturer of decorative ceilings moulds and ceiling rosettes under the brand name of Panapol. Thanks to care by the President of Republic of Azerbaijan İlham Aliyev to the economics created Promotion project of İnvestments. Today it turned to production area able to withstand competition in “Big Market” and exporting to more than 10 countries worldwide. Currently having more than 100 decorative ceiling moulds and ceiling rosettes. The manufacturing on the basis of new and modern technologies allowing to produce product in a high tech level. The high density and accuracy of patterns and smooth surface gives a similar results of classical polyurethane and gypsum effect. But its attractive in point of price, quality and weight. One of the result of being famous of Panapol being as traditional classic, modern and high-tech. One of the most advantages compatibility to hanging ceiling and paint elements.

Muradli- M LLC operates as a regional distributor of far East and Europen countries in addition to GENC paint and varnish. The products produced by Muradli- M LLC awarded to İSO 9001-2008 quality certificate.

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